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Molokai: The Essence of Hawaii

Molokai is void of the flashiness of nightclubs, the convenience of grocery stores, the glitz of resorts, the height of tall buildings, the traffic found with cars and traffic lights, the hustle and bustle of city lights. The list goes on of what Molokai is without. But what it is with, what it stays true to is the essence of what Hawaii was pre-tourism, pre-vacation spots, pre-anything. It stays true to the belief that life is synonymous to harmony.

Everyday life does not have to be chaotic or hectic in order to be lived. Molokai appeals to the visitor who seeks adventure and solitude, something much different from what can be expected out of the other islands of Hawaii. Molokai is different. Molokai provides its visitor with the essence of Hawaii, with quietness, with calamity, and of course, with incomparable beauty. Here are a few things you as a visitor can see when you visit the island of Molokai.

Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Kalaupapa National Historical Park can easily be considered one of the most peaceful and quiet places in Hawaii. When you decide to take this trip, you are off to do something both memorable and probably peculiar. On the trail to the Kalaupapa Peninsula, you will be riding a mule for about 2.9 miles. It is strange, but the sites you see are fantastic. And the ride itself is very quiet. Once again, for the person seeking solitude, it could be a dream come true. As with most places in Molokai, you are offered endless magnificent views of tropical landscape.


Kaunakakai happens to be one of the main cities located in Molokai, so to view it obviously becomes a main point of your trip. But even though it is considered a city, as previously said, Molokai does not have those cars you’re accustomed to seeing. Instead, it is very quaint. You can see residents fishing for their dinner near the bay, the air is quiet and the air is calm. It is a beautiful environment to a be a part of. A landmark of Kaunakakai is their hotel, which is the Aqua Hotel Molokai. Palm trees located at Coconut Grove can also be seen during your visit.

Papohaku Beach

Located on Molokai’s west end is the beautiful Papohaku Beach, which is three miles of what feels like endless soft white sand. There are no interruptions, no breaks, or no crowds of people. It is considered one of the largest beaches in Hawaii and contains campsites, restrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, and picnic areas.

As you can see, although the island is seemingly quiet and maybe even dull in comparison to the other islands of Hawaii, it still exists and it exists beautifully. It is very easy to get lost in the peacefulness of it all and is perfect for the individual that desires solace and tranquility. Molokai should not be overlooked because of its quietness. As the essence of what Hawaii once was, while visiting the island it should be taken into consideration to visit a more traditional place too. With its panoramic evergreen views, immense tranquility, and beautiful beach, there should be no question as to why you should visit.

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